Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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James Bush shared a memory....Eight years ago, I stood there for a photo taken by the cop who broke my shoulder—intentionally, just as his partner did to a diminutive Asian student-immigrant a few months prior (later suspended)—not yet knowing that I would spend nearly three-and-a-half years behind bars fighting a case (now dismissed).
Although the student was awarded money by a court ($500,000 for a pair of broken eyeglasses), my civil suit only went as far as pre-trial settlement negotiations, during which I flatly refused an offer of commissary credits (money to buy food in jail, "a couple of hundred dollars).

Deciding to take the case to trial, I asked the court to hire representation; my request granted, the court appointed Kaye Scholer as my attorney-of-record. The case was dismissed due to their neglect and incompetence. Never once did they schedule or attend a hearing, and never was one paper filed in the case by them except for their request for withdrawal. The hearing on that request was not noticed, so I was precluded from rebuttal.In other words, they did no work, and then abandoned me and the case on-the-sly.I find them more disgusting than the cop.


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