Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Castles (Châteaux Forts) May 2013 in Palm Springs…Rooms in a Medieval Castle

Follow the Bright Stars Shining Stars Hills of  wishes, prayers, desires are all equal. Dreams cover plans, not goals while sleeping.  Rachel Gerstein Jarrot......Over The Falls, end of the world, no brick walls, in this place. Starting the focus, starting the practice for the dances, classes, happy notes, happy birthdays, every day, all the time. Getting older, getting closer to the end of the lines..

 May 2013 in Palm Springs…… Simple, shallow, surface, slow, or what is another word for a person a couple of cans short of a six pack? ……take your pick….lifetime for this man, and dream come true kind of guy?…….prey needed for the next season….cash always needed for this lifestyle……RV Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, eats his kids for practice, longs live skills, oral talents to sell. Very loving, Caring, Honest and Affectionate American/Cuban Man. Enjoy Music. Movies, Camping in a RV of course..

Castles (Châteaux Forts)May 2013 in Palm Springs…Rooms in a Medieval Castle .Writer here, with more tales to share, songs to sing about the good times, the hills and the valleys of joys and pains of love and devotion. Love and hate the horns of a goat, witches to tell the signs.Dazes in stone, monkey years, views of frogs, plenty of fish in the seas, back in the day, fairy tales told. Hands out to help lead the way, dreams in actions, nightmares to get over, hands out for the fun and games. Lessons learned, never lose, win or learn, coins to flip, classes on love and hate, hats to wear. 

Feel the Love???Castles (Châteaux Forts) May 2013 in Palm Springs…Rooms in a Medieval Castle
 Love and hate horns on a goat, notes from the " The Vikings", and the wise old women of the 9th and the 10th century, and a movie that I enjoyed with laughter out loud, for the tricks on the brothers from another mother, and the secrets kept until the death of the father and the brother, and the gifts of time and space to learn a few more lessons, to share and to extend into the gifts given daily with the smiles and the notes of happiness for the gift of another daze on the right side of the grave.

Château Comptal, Carcassonne - France, the Castle of the medieval Viscounts of Carcassonne, in the Languedoc

Castles and Manor Houses on Google+
Everyone loves castles and chateaux.  Castles (Châteaux Forts)  May 2013 in Palm Springs…Rooms in a Medieval Castle Castles combine the romance of the age of chivalry with the fascination of medieval warfare. Along with churches they are almost the only surviving physical reminders of the Middle Ages. Here you learn everything about them including how they were built and what life was like living in them. You can learn about different types of Castle, and their dependent lands (castle demesnes), about living in a castle, and special types of castle including Crusader CastlesCathar Castles,Children's CastlesHaunted CastlesFamous Castles and Manor Houses. You can also learn about medieval warmedieval siegesmedieval armour and how medieval warfare was affected by the Crusades. You can also learn about medieval life including medieval torture and torture devices, and also heraldry - another living vestige of the Medieval period. Castles (Châteaux Forts)  May 2013 in Palm Springs…Rooms in a Medieval Castle 

 Hope floats searching for places to land, hope, dreams with peace and joy to share, acts of kindness to start the day, acts of kindness in the smiles exchanged during the dazes during your walk on the wild sides, in the shadows of the dark side of the moon. Rooms in a Medieval Castle / The Great Hall / Bed Chambers / Solars / Bathrooms, Lavatories and Garderobes / Kitchens, Pantries, Larders & Butteries /Gatehouses and Guardrooms / Chapels & Oratories /Cabinets and Boudoirs / Storerooms, Undercrofts & Cellars / Ice Houses / Dovecotes / Apartments
Château Comptal, Carcassonne - France, the Castle of the medieval Viscounts of Carcassonne, in the Languedoc

Cher Ami - The Carrier Pigeon who saved 200 men - Home of Her

 Rachel Gaylnn Jarrot...Rach Jay, Wigs And Caps Worn, Horns Hidden Out Of Sight. 

Lots of skin to show, porn movie slut. Bitch in heat, most of the time, trips to hell and back, for free, plane rides. Rachel Jarrot, now Rach Jay, flip side of coin, dyke to date, butch to bitch, cheap trick, trades for movie parts, will do anything, for foot in door. Trades? Tips of arrow, tails to target, sun for light, shawl download for hackers, crooks and robbers, frogs kissed once, snakes and worms, Jewish White Whales.

Steven Jarrot 7608512267, with his herd of monkeys. Tricks not treats..  Signs Of Life, Sinners And Saints, Spiders And Snakes, Fingers To Haters. Lots Of Luck. Notes of life of others, to give and to take the lessons learned alone the paths taken. Bumps in the roads, frogs and snakes, tales of Jewish White Monkeys 2016, tips of love and hate, monkeys to dodge, monkeys to swing, to trade, to trick, cash or credit. Card tricks, poker players, flipping cards, games to play, party and play, day jobs, freaks out at night.

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